Tuesday, October 24, 2017

38 weeks

 Preparing for baby to come!!!
Hudson kisses my tummy all day, and tells the baby to come out because they are friends.  He oooed and aahed over these cute baby clothes that we pulled out together.  He's got a sensitive side!

The best of friends... and the best place to eat!

One of my favorite things about my home, are the wonderful people I am surrounded with!
 So many yummy memories at Ski Barista, so so so sad it's closing!

 Emily Becker, Julia Davis, Love you guys!

Happy Happy 40th Tyler dear!!!

Oct. 11,

We've entered the next decade, at least Tyler has!  He really wanted to downplay his birthday this year and insisted we not do anything.  Well, since he insisted on going to his meeting at work on his birthday, and not staying home with me to celebrate.  I snuck some cookies over to Bob Becker to bring to their work meeting and embarrass him just a little. Also that morning, Trying to be celebratory, I woke up early enough to make german pancakes before Tyler had to leave to drive Mikaela to school, all dressed up nice for his meeting.  Well, unfortunately I got them done just 5 minutes he had to leave.  And those last 5 minutes trying to get out the door are always just a little bit crazy, Mikaela, spilled her syrup all over the floor.  (and you know how much Tyler hates drips!  Especially sticky drips!) Tyler took his plate with him, I think trying to be nice, but was back in the house, 2 minutes later, throwing his plate in the sink, with syrup all over his pants.  Apparently trying to drive a stick shift while eating german pancakes just doesn't really mix.  Woops, my bad!  Happy start to your birthday!  I made up for it that afternoon by taking a trip to the Russian grocery store, pretty far away, and stacked up on Russian food for his birthday.  A couple days later we took a shopping spree and Gearonimo sports and bought him an extra large paddle board and some snow shoes.  
Tyler is the fun in our home, the light, the jokes, the teasing and the laughter.  He whips the kids into shape, but gets them laughing within seconds of telling them what to do.  I am so grateful for the non judgmental, fun loving parenting approach he brings into our home.  He's a perfect example to the kids of helping in the home as well, any time he's home, he's helping in anyway he can. He can work hard and play hard, and sleep hard too!!!
Love Love Love you birthday hubs bubs!

A quick weekend visit from Ryan, Abby and Crew!! and PIKES PEAK or BUST

 Oct. 6-9th, 2017
 These guys did it!  They made it to the top, Benny and Matt Phillips joined them.
 So Proud of these cousins!!!
 Football at the park was on the to do list as well
 While the hikers were hiking, the rest of the cousins were playing
 Kacher's birthday grilled, nutella, strawberry and whip cream croissants, mmm,,, nice to be able to share this treat with.  Love that these guys are somewhat close!

Happy Happy 11th Kacher Dear!

 September 30th, 2017
 We thought it would be a fun tradition to take the kids out of school for a birthday adventure.  Kacher's birthday falls in the most gorgeous time of year, and so Tyler took him out for a bike ride from Cripple Creek, CO ending at high drive, gold camp road. 
 They had gorgeous weather, and a perfect day for it.

 Fulfilling Kacher's Birthday wishes included...
A breakfast of monkey bread
 a remote control race car, we got him a ferarri
 and a family dinner at Hu Hot!

 Kacher, Kacher... you are growing and changing, and learning and observing and becoming!  So much potential in your creative mind, and strong and determined body!  I hope you are realizing you really can accomplish what ever you put your mind to, but you have to decide to put your mind to it!  You have such a strong body, so physically fit, and a smart mind that is curious about new things!  Lately your hobby has been learning all about cars, you can point out practically any car you see driving around, and you have gotten Keaton to do the same.  Your favorites are the little, cool looking cars- corvette, ferarri, Lamborghini, and the new up and coming tesla.... (I'm sure there are more, but I don't know them all).  You told me that you'd like to be a car mechanic some day, not one that fixes cars, but one that invents new cars.  You just finished reading the book 'unbroken' for a book project at school.  It is rare for you to become really engrained in one book, but you couldn't put this one down.  It was fun to see you enjoy a book so much.  I can tell you really like to be competitive in sports, especially running.  Just remember that it is more important to be better than you were, than to be better than other people. 
Happy Birthday My dear boy, I love you so very much.

1st day of Pre school for Hudson!

 After spending a solid couple of weeks with lots and lots of Hudson time, his pre school finally started!  And he sure was ready and excited! 

The Sports in our lives this Fall season....

Kacher did not do Soccer this season which turned out to be a good thing, it gave him time to do intramural football with CME.  He really really loved it!  And even taught Keaton how to play.
 Wrestling at home, for fun... Madelyn can play and play with these two...

 Of course Mikaela has dance, always. And thank goodness our car pool with Claire is still around, dancing in the Albertsons parking lot...
Mikaela was also on the junior high volleyball team and got really really good despite having to miss half the practices for dance!

CME Color run!!!

 Landsharks!!! Kacher, Madelyn, and Keaton all did it this year.  And did amazing!  Kacher often winning from his school at the races...

 And Kacher did intramural basketball!
And the most consuming of all.... SOCCER!!! Keaton and Madelyn have been in soccer this season, both having fun and getting better.  Keaton being a determined little guy has made goals pretty much every game. He's fun to watch!  At one of Keaton's games, he scored two goals and was acting a little cocky towards the other team because he had won.  After the game, I made him walk over to the other team and tell them good job, and he did it!  Later on, he couldn't stop talking about how much he loves soccer. 
When Madelyn decides to, she really has cheetah legs during her games, but she has to decide to go for it.  Sometimes we talk about how people tell her she's shy, but that she can to show them that she's really not!